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Santa Matching – find identical Santas

Snowflake Patterns – find the snowflake that completes each pattern

Pumpkin Pie Fractions – divide pies into equal parts

Turkey Twins – find pairs of identical turkeys

Five Little Pumpkins – put the pictures in the correct order

Which Witch? – Halloween-themed logic worksheet

Pumpkin Patterns – Halloween-themed CogAT Number Series Practice

All About Me Workbook – fun back-to-school booklet your child can make his or her own

The M&M Game – sorting and graphing game

Ducks in a Row – practice with ordinal numbers

Sorting Fruits and Vegetables – great Fall or Spring activity to practice vocabulary

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – one of our favorite games

Color Mixing Worksheet – quick and easy warm-up activity you can do if you already have the paints out

The Money Game – learn about coins and their values – plus practice sorting, counting, and skip counting

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