Iowa Assessments

The Iowa Assessment™ is often given to students in conjunction with the CogAT® to test students for placement into a gifted and talented program. For levels 5/6 (Grades K-1) five subject areas are tested.

Test Section Number of Items Approximate Time
Vocabulary 27 20 min.
Word Analysis 33 20 min.
    Phonological Awareness & Decoding
    Identifying & Analyzing Word Parts
 Listening 27 30 min.
   Literal Comprehension
   Inferential Comprehension
Language 31 25 min.
   Verb Tense
   Singular-Plural Usage
   Operational Language
   Spatial-Directional Language
   Prepositions to Denote Relationships
   Comparative & Superlative Adjectives
Math 35 25 min.
   Number Sense & Operations
   Algebraic Patterns & Connections
Reading (Parts I and II) 34 40 min.
 Total 187 2 hrs, 40 min.

Our practice resources are coming soon. For now, check out these links:

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