Email your questions to questions@expandingmindslearning.com.

Question: How do I access the a la carte downloads I have purchased?
Answer: There are two ways you can access your purchases.

  1. Look in your downloads folder on your computer. Many browsers also have a “View Downloads” link in the menu, which will point you to this directory.
  2. Visit the My Purchases page in your Teachers Pay Teachers dashboard.

Question: Is my information safe?
Answer: Yes. View our privacy policy here.

Question: What is your refund policy?
Answer: Both the Customer and Expanding Minds Learning have the right to terminate a Subscription for any reason, including the ending of services that are already underway. No refunds shall be offered if the Customer terminates the Subscription, where a Subscription is deemed to have begun and is, for all intents and purposes, underway. A prorated refund shall be offered if the Subscription is terminated by Expanding Minds Learning for any reason.
No refunds will be issued for a la carte purchases, but if you are unhappy with a product, please contact customerservice@expandingmindslearning.com to inquire about a replacement download.

Question: How do I renew my subscription?
Answer: Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your term. Your credit card on file will be charged.

Question: How do I cancel my subscription?
Answer: Visit the “Cancel My Subscription” page. We don’t want to see you go. Please email us at customerservice@expandingmindslearning.com and tell us why you want to leave. Maybe we can change your mind. :)