Keeping Kids Engaged

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Are you ever at a loss for what to do with your kids when they’re at home for an extended period of time? We just had to deal with that this past week – between two sick kids and snow and ice with school closing – we’ve been cooped up in the house for a whole week. With Spring Break around the corner, we have another week of potential boredom coming up.

Spring Break

A lot of places offer spring break camps. Think about your child’s interests and see what is available in your area. Some options in our area are sports camps, science camps, and art camps. Some of these places offer camps by the day or a discount if you sign up for the whole week.

If you have good weather, you could enjoy some outdoor adventures – take a hike, visit the zoo, go to the arboretum, or check out a nature preserve.

If the weather is gloomy, try some indoor museums. Many cities now have hands-on children’s museums. You could visit an aquarium or set up play dates with friends.

Stuck in the House?

It may seem boring being stuck at home, but there is so much to do! That closet full of toys is a good start. If you want to sleep in, leave some toys out or where your child can reach. Let the kids play for an hour or so while you get in some extra snooze time.

After breakfast, keep your kids at the table for some arts and crafts or worksheets. My son’s favorite worksheets right now are word searches. We have several available for subscribers. For kids who can’t write yet, coloring or tracing pages are perfect. They can practice their fine motor skills while having fun. Our go-to activity for arts and crafts is painting. For my youngest, I use paint-with-water. It’s less messy, but she still gets to ‘paint’. My oldest uses Crayola watercolors. They love painting. We also do Play-Doh sometimes, but it makes a lot of ‘crumbs’ so have a vacuum handy.

Try some at-home science projects. You can buy kits for almost anything. We are into Snap Circuits right now. It’s a great way to introduce kids to electronics. Follow the instructions in the book at first, and then try experimenting and creating your own circuits. You can try one of our fun science projects too!

Clean out a closet for some productive fun. You might even some hidden gems that were lost in the back of the closet. Label boxes for toys or clothes to donate, to sell, or to give to a friend. As a reward for your child helping you, you can offer him or her a new toy for cleaning out the old ones.

Cook together. Kids love doing whatever you’re doing. Bake some cookies or a cake, or even just let your child help you prepare dinner. You can talk about measuring out the ingredients.


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