Vocabulary List 2/23/15

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Each week we’re going to start working on vocabulary and spelling lists. The lists will be short – 5 to 10 words maximum.

Day 1: Introduce the list of words. We did this by writing them on a lined dry erase board.

Day 2: We talked about the definition of each word.

Day 3: We wrote sentences using the words. We used lined handwriting paper. You could also have your student type sentences if you prefer to practice keyboarding skills.

Day 4: Vocabulary quiz time! Give your student the definition, and have him or her either write or say the word. If you’re doing an oral quiz, you could give the word and have your student reply with the definition.

Day 5: Spelling quiz time! You could either give the word or definition and have your student spell the word.

This week’s list is based on air travel:

  1. airplane
  2. airport
  3. helicopter
  4. luggage
  5. pilot

For the sentences on Day 3, you could either have your student come up with sentences on his or her own, or you could give the sentences. Either way, we try to write sentences that explain the definitions. Here’s what we came up with for this list:

An airplane takes people between cities in the air. It comes and goes from an airport. A helicopter is another way to travel in the air. People pack their clothes in luggage to carry them on an airplane. A pilot flies an airplane.


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