All About Me Workbook

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AllAboutMeWorkbookIt’s the beginning of a new school year – time for teachers to get to know a new set of students and for students to get to know each other.

In this packet, your student gets an opportunity to be creative and artistic with lots of pages on which to color and draw.

Page 1 – Let them decorate the cover – be creative – instead of just using crayons or markers, try stickers, stamps, glitter, pom-poms, or anything else!

Page 2 – Either attach a photo of your student or let them draw a self-portrait. If you’ll be drawing, talk about using the correct colors for hair, eyes, mouth, skin (instead of just using purple for everything).

Page 3 – Students will have to draw the correct number of candles on the birthday cake. They also have a place to write their birth date. You can talk about the months at this point.

Page 4 – Introduce a little bit of geography on this page. Talk about the US states and which state you live in. There are also blanks for students to write their address and phone number. Kids should start learning these soon if they don’t know them already.

Page 5 – Students get to be creative and draw a picture of their family. Encourage them to write everyone’s name.

Page 6 – Most kids probably have a favorite toy. Let them tell you what it is and draw a picture of the toy or them playing with it.

Page 7 – There’s a cute little poem about going back to school. Let your kids draw or color whatever they want on this last page. Other cute ideas would be to put a hand print, photo, kiss stamp, or something else underneath the poem.

Download the All About Me workbook now.

Download the All About Me workbook now.


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