Ducks in a Row

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Ducks in a row previewOk this may be sad, but I’m sure someone can relate…we recently went on vacation where we had access to cable (which we don’t have at home). The kids discovered Bubble Guppies. As I’m writing this and thinking about ducks lining up in a row, all I have in my head is the “Line Up” song from that show. Why do these shows have to have such catchy songs?!?!

Anyhow…ordinal numbers are the numbers like first, second, third, etc. In this worksheet, your child gets to practice those scissor skills again by cutting out a bunch of ducks. Each duck is a different color. The clues tell us which color duck is first, second, third, and so on through the eighth duck. Your child can then paste or tape the ducks into the correct spot on the bottom of the page.

If you don’t have access to a color printer, I suggest printing in black and white, then having your child color (with marker or crayon) the ducks in the correct order.

Download"Ducks in a Row" now.

Download”Ducks in a Row” now.


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