Welcome to Expanding Minds Learning!

picture of preschoolers writing

Mission Statement

Expanding Minds Learning provides gifted and talented preschool-aged children with worksheets, activities, and other resources to engage, challenge, and further their knowledge so they can continue to grow and learn at an advanced pace.

About Us

After being disappointed by the lack of resources available for her advanced 3 year old, our founder, Helen decided to create her own materials. 

With 8 years of experience writing educational content for elementary, middle, and high school students and nearly 15 years of private tutoring students of all ages and abilities, Helen created over 100 worksheets and activities designed for advanced preschoolers.

If you just give your gifted preschooler activities intended for older students, you often run into the issue of your child not comprehending the context of the material presented because he or she just hasn’t had those life experiences yet. At Expanding Minds Learning, we strive to create age-appropriate materials that will challenge your preschooler to help him or her continue to learn at an accelerated pace.

Our products will not only be fun and rewarding for your young learners, but they will help prepare them for gifted and talented testing, such as the CogAT.